Namaste Foundation

namaste-img” Every person deserves a life free from poverty “

Namasté Foundation supports underprivileged women and children in Nepal in their steps towards an independent future. With a scholarship children can go to school. With training and a micro loan women can start a small business. Namasté Foundation is winner of the World of Difference Award of Vodafone. The foundation was established in 2009 and collaborates with a local organisation ‘Namasté Community Foundation’ in Nepal. Create a Chance for a Life Change. Join our mission now and visit our website at


This TIMI Shawl is made with love by Sajina in Nepal. She lives in the Himalayas. Sajina works with her team of women who all share a tough background story. An independent life for them was only a dream.  With love, fun and dedication these Nepali women make this TIMI Shawl for you. To share the truth and beauty of the Himalayas, to keep you soft and warm all year long.

Buying a TIMI Shawl sustains a Women Empowerment Project in Nepal. With local skills and empowerment training, underprivileged women are provided a chance for an independent future.

This Is My Independence; made possible by you.